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Frozenstuck by esmeblaise Frozenstuck by esmeblaise
My Frozenstuck au 'Grimdark' 

    Rose has the power of darkness; meaning that she can make shadows move and take away light. While making shadow puppets with her brother Dave she accidentally hits him with her powers, making a dark black streak in his hair. The parents (Dad and Mom) take them to the trolls where Grandpa (Jake English) takes away Dave’s memories and Jade and Bec get adopted by Feferi.
    Time skip and Rose is going to become queen but after a fight with Dave over his new girl friend (Jane) she accidentally cloaks LOLAR in darkness and runs away, leaving Caliborn to believe Rose is evil. Dave goes after her (yeah, you know the movie) He meets Jade and Bec who sells flowers, which cant grow when there’s no light, (in Wandering Vagabond’s Can Town and Firefly’s) and forces them to be his guide.
    On the way they meet John, who was originally Dave’s shadow (changed by Rose’s magic), who now has his own life and personality; but is still a shadow and dreams of light. They go see Rose who has another freak out and hits Dave (again) making Jade bring Dave to the trolls and gets totally embarrassed when Karkat shows off his Shipping Chart and the other trolls live up to their name. Grandpa tells them the needed info and they head back to Jane while the Felt (sent by Caliborn) try to kill Rose. Shenanigans happen (You have seen this movie, right?) and Dave almost turns into a shadow, but comes back, punches (Crocker tier) Jane and John hugs them saying that he’s probably going to become a shadow again, but Rose does magical shit and John stays John instead a normal shadow. Ships, closure, Rose realizes she’s Light not Darkness, Haha Happy ending and shit 

I dont own Homestuck or Frozen
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Dude that is amazing!!!! Awesome AU!
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